30 Free Things You Can Do

By just being their furry, adorable, lovable selves, dogs help us feel treasured and joyful. This not only boosts our quality of life, it raises the oh-so-important question: What have we done for them lately? Of course, we provide food, medical care, a home, grooming, toys and other amenities, but what exactly do we do to increase their happiness quotient? Here’s a short list of activities that are free, or almost zero cost, to improve the quality of our dogs’ lives.

♥  Give your dog a hug.

Free puppy cuddles

♥  Take your dog for a walk/jog.

♥  Give your dog’s coat a thorough brush.

♥  Give your dog a massage.

♥  Clean your dog’s ears.

♥  Cut your dog’s toe nails.

♥  Wipe your dog’s face with a cold wet rag.

♥  Teach your dog to communicate with you.

♥  In hot weather, put chunks of ice in your dog’s drinking water.

♥  Play with your dog and his/her favourite toy.

♥  Praise your dog and give him/her a chest scratch.

♥  Teach your dog something new.

♥  Give your dog a belly rub.

♥  Clean your dog’s teeth.

♥  Take your dog for an exploratory visit to the Veterinarian.

♥  Change your dog’s drinking water at least twice a day.

♥  Dust your dog’s bedding and leave it outside in the sun.

♥  Play an extra game of fetch.

♥  Play with the water hose.

♥  Play hide-and-seek.

♥  Go for a swim together.

♥  Hide some treats around the house/garden for your dog to find.

♥  Put on the TV and let your dog watch television.

♥  Play tug-of-war with your dog.

♥  Teach your dog to fetch.

♥  Consistently enforce rules and expectations.

♥  Create an opportunity for your dog to interact with other dogs.

♥  Arrange events and activities with friends and family who have dogs.

♥  Snuggle up and relax with your dog.

♥  Inspect your dog for fleas and ticks.

So, who is feeling better now . . . you or your dog?

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