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Whether you're interested in a Rottweiler as a working dog, show dog or more importantly a loyal and protective companion you have come to the right place. Contact us or complete the form below if you are interested in acquiring a pedigree puppy from Vom Eisenwacht Rottweiler Breeders. Visit our kennels to view the puppies and their parents.

KUSA Registered Rottweiler Puppies

Team Vom Eisenwacht

We believe that bringing a Rottweiler puppy into your home requires a serious commitment - please take the time to thoroughly evaluate your lifestyle before purchasing any puppy.

  • We are a KUSA registered Rottweiler breeder.
  • The applicable health screens have been performed on both the sire and the dam. The sire, the dam and their progenitors have been certified and graded for hip and elbow dysplasia prior to breeding.
  • All our puppies are individually certified and registered with KUSA.
  • Our puppies are sold by agreement of sale.
  • Our puppies are sold with breeder restrictions.
  • All our puppies are permanently identified with a microchip implant.
  • Once the puppies have been implanted with a microchip, they are register with “Get Me Known” and KUSA.
  • All our puppies are given a health check, by a Veterinarian, prior to sale.
  • We do provide the new puppy owners with information on health, socialisation, behavioural identification and training, immunisations, parasite control, responsible dog ownership and other applicable information on an ongoing basis.
  • All our puppies are vaccinated.
  • All our puppies are dewormed.
  • We provide a restricted health guarantee for the puppies we sell.
  • Puppies may only be collected when they are eight weeks or older.
  • You may select your puppy at six weeks old.


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D.O.B. 25 August 2018
KUSA Registration: ZA01193B18
Microchip Number: 9330710000000788
Sire: De Liemers Jafeth Vom Eisenwacht
Dam: Huasedersterne Jasmin
HD Rating: B1 , B1
ED Rating: 1 , 1




D.O.B. 20-10-2019
KUSA Registration: ZA002379B20
Microchip Number: 933071000096120
Sire: Pax Von Der Alten Festung (Imp Cro)
Dam: Irmadu Avallon Of Vom Eisenwacht
HD Rating: A2,A2
ED Rating: 0,0

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Our contact number is:  076 843 7201.


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