The Ultimate Guide to Dog Training: Dog Training Secrets Every Pup Parent Should Know

The Crucial Thing Every Pup Parent Should Know About Dog

Ever wonder if your pup needs a dog trainer, even if he’s usually well-behaved? The
truth is, every dog and his owner can benefit from working with a professional because
there’s more to dog training than just learning obedience.

Dog training has a lot to do with canine psychology as well as the best ways to
communicate with your pup. This is especially true if he has some bad habits -- like
aggression or separation anxiety -- that you want to break.

What NOT To Do When Training Your Dogy.

Unsurprisingly, there are lots of common dog training mistakes that experts say to avoid.
Otherwise, you could accidentally end up reinforcing the behavior you’re trying to
redirect in the first place! 

For instance, being inconsistent with rules, like allowing your pet on the couch one day
but not the next, is a trap that’s easy to fall into. Also, giving into attention-seeking
behavior, like acknowledging your incessantly barking dog (even if you’re trying to quiet
him), will only encourage the habit you’re trying to break. 

Common mistakes like these are good to know before training begins so you don’t
accidentally undo all the hard work you’ve both done! 

Choosing A Dog Trainer: What To Consider

There are thousands of qualified, animal-loving dog trainers out there (and some likely
near you), but there are a few sour apples, too. Most importantly, when choosing a dog
trainer, you’ll want one whose principles align with yours and who works well with you
and your pup.

Of course, you’ll want to make sure he or she is qualified and has legitimate credentials,
experience, and references. You’ll also want one who stands behind their work while
respecting your wishes as a pet parent. And, you’ll want a trainer who you enjoy working
with, too -- after all, the training is also for you! 

An Investment Worth Making.

When you bring a dog home, it should be for life, and dog training helps pups become
well-adjusted members of the family. After all, our pooches are the most loyal
companions we’ll ever have, and they deserve to stay with us forever!


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